Best Restaurunt

Best Restaurant: Javier’s 


In my opinion, the best restaurant in Orange County that I have been to is Javier’s. The cuisine is Mexican. First, the food and drinks look outstanding and taste delicious. Secondly, the cleanliness and the décor in the restaurant are remarkable that you would want to come back repeatedly. Finally, the service is phenomenal because the waiters are friendly and attentive. In addition, the price you pay is reasonable. These are the reasons why I think Javier’s is the best restaurant. 

Food and drinks

To begin with, let me talk about the food and drinks. First, you will get free crispy chips with fresh salsa as soon as you are seated. Next, there are many food options like mouth-watering tacos, cheesy enchiladas and tasty burritos to eat. In addition, the food is appetizing and the drinks are sweet and refreshing. My favorite food at Javier’s is taquitos, cheese quesadilla, and guacamole. Most importantly, Javier’s uses excellent and quality ingredients that are also fresh. Also, they serve vegetarian food if you don’t eat meat. After you eat, you can order desserts like flan and fried ice cream. Fried ice cream is my favorite because it is topped with whipped cream. I hope you go there and enjoy the food one day!


Cleanliness and décor 


Other reasons why I love Javier’s are the cleanliness and outstanding décor. First, they have dim lights and candles lit inside so you will feel peaceful and calm. Also, the restaurant is not too loud and plays pleasant music. In addition, they have excellent decorations like fake trees standing still and chandeliers in the shape of a sphere at outside seating. Most importantly, the floors are spotless and the tables and chairs are very clean, and have no food or trash on them. Also, the waiters wear tidy and neat outfits. I believe you will appreciate the decorations and cleanliness at Javier’s. 


One last reason is the outstanding service and that’s why I want to come here repeatedly. First, you can make reservations online, so you don’t need to wait. When you get in they greet you and they seat you promptly. After you order your food, they serve your food quickly. Additionally, if it is your birthday, they sing happy birthday to you. I think the price is fair for the portion size and great value for the atmosphere. On Yelp, there is a four to five star rating, although I rate the restaurant five stars. Javier’s has gotten awards like Diners’ Choice Award in 2018 by OpenTable and Orange County’s best Mexican restaurant in 2016 and I agree with the awards. Other facts that support my opinion is the restaurant is good for kids. Also, the restaurant is good for lunch and dinner. In addition, there are heaters at outside seating and wheelchair accessibility in the restaurant. Service is the utmost reason why I like Javier’s. 




To sum it up, Javier’s is the best Mexican restaurant in my opinion. First, remember they have exceptional food and drinks. As I have said, the cleanliness and décor will make you come back and enjoy it. To conclude, the service is awesome and the price you pay is decent. I hope you go there soon and enjoy the food and entertainment they provide.